A to Z Vending & Food Service, Inc.

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With us, you can save money and help conserve our environment!

100% LED lighting to help reduce your energy costs!

Scheduled annual cleanings to optimize compressor efficiency on the equipment! 

Our equipment is energy-efficient and energy-star rated!

Energy saving initiatives are constantly evolving and remains an ongoing priority for us!

Use Your Own Mug" Program

Fun Fact: Did you know that when you purchase one beverage in a disposable cup daily, you are producing an average of 22.75 lbs. of waste per year? This equates to Americans throwing away 25 billion cups a year – enough to encompass the earth 436 times.

We provide you with an opportunity to reduce the impact on the environment through this simple, green solution. Help save on waste by using your own mug! 

PLUS, the mug program saves you 10¢ every time you use your mug! How? Bring in your own mug or purchase our exclusive A to Z Vending mug. Reuse it every time you want to enjoy a hot beverage and you will SAVE 10¢ on every cup!

We are proud to say... over 2 million cups (and counting) have been saved from landfills!